AIDEN Freedom From Religion

Lyrics from toane Sites AIDEN Freedom From Religion Lyrics, singer by AIDEN Hey father curse this man,Reverse his view,Indoctrinate his children,Instill the guilt so deep.The promise of shameAnd heaven?s a lie. We need freedom from religion now.Oppression hate and thought crime.We need freedom from religion now,We?re better off without. Hey preacher business man,You fill your… Continue reading AIDEN Freedom From Religion

AIDEN Grotesque Vanity

Lyrics from toane Sites AIDEN Grotesque Vanity Lyrics, singer by AIDEN I?ve witnessed your demise,I?m privy to your grotesque vanity.These screams will go unheard,This multi-layered hate will unfold soon.Virginia killed herself and it?s a lieSodomy serve the evil.Virginia Killed herself Arbuckle liedRight here in this hotel,The Scandal of scoundrels. <br><br>